Pyrrha has been creating its signature line of jewelry using time honored, oldworld techniques from its Vancouver studio since 1995. Rich in symbolism and of the highest quality, each collectible, hand cast talisman holds a unique meaning culled from heraldry. The iconic line includes a full range of treasured keepsakes that act as a special source of inspiration for the wearer. All Pyrrha talisman necklaces are handcrafted from reclaimed sterling silver or bronze using the traditional method of lost wax casting.

Talismans in the Pyrrha Gold collection are crafted from reclaimed 14K yellow gold and conflict-free stones using authentic 19th century wax seals. Speaking to the designers’ broader interest in imperfection, Pyrrha is deeply personal and bears the unique marks of the maker’s hand. Each piece is meant to be cherished for a lifetime: it is the new heirloom.